Provincial Scholarships

2018 Provincial Scholarships

Province V is now offering scholarships.

These will be on a rolling basis until the money has been distributed for the year.

Need some assistance to get more training?  Complete and submit the following information.

Province V
Scholarship Details and Application

February 15, 2018

Province V is proud to announce a Scholarship Fund!
Scholarships are available to individuals resident / serving in Province V to assist in attending training or events.  The maximum amount to any one person is $400 in a calendar year. 

To apply for a scholarship, please provide the following information:
Phone number
Parish / Primary Ministry

  1. Identify and describe the event for which you would like funds, including the date of the event.  (Links and attached brochures are welcome.)
  2. Provide the total cost of the event (event fees, food, lodging, travel)
  3. Share your funding sources, including the amount that you’re requesting in scholarship
  4. How will this opportunity change you, your parish, your diocese, and our province?
  5. If you receive funds, to whom do we send the check?  If you need reimbursement, save receipts to submit those after the event.  (Registration funds will be sent direct to the organization if before the event.) 

Scholarships are available on a rolling basis and applications are accepted throughout the year, until funds have all been disbursed.
The committee will review your application and respond as soon as they can, being aware of the event dates and registration deadlines.

Return the above information to:
Heather Barta, Coordinator of Province V



Visit this page to see a list of some of the events available for scholarships.