Church Periodical Club

The Church Periodical Club is an independent, affiliated organization of the Executive Council of the Episcopal Church, dedicated to the worldwide Ministry of the Printed Word and to the Promotion of Christian Mission. It is the only organization in the Episcopal Church dedicated solely to providing free literature and related materials, both religious and secular, to people all over the world who need and request them and who have no other source for obtaining them. Prayer Books, books for seminarians, educational materials, medical textbooks, agricultural manuals and books for those in local and global mission are some of the publications The Church Periodical Club supplies. The Church Periodical Club operates at all levels of the Church - national, provincial, diocesan and parish. The goal is to make the CPC program a concern of the whole Church. That goal includes having an active and enthusiastic CPC representative in every parish and diocese. The Church Periodical Club is funded by voluntary contributions from all levels of the Church by people in the pews. CPC is supported by the prayerful concern, time, talents, labor and money of those who believe in the Ministry of the Printed Word.

Each local CPC chapter decides its own activities. That may be on the parish level or on the diocesan level. They may decide to support local seminarians, help fund literacy programs, provide funding for the needs of a companion diocese or struggling local parish. The only thing the National Church Periodical Club Board asks is that one Sunday each year is designated as CPC Sunday. Traditionally this is the 1st Sunday in May, but a parish may choose a date that works well for them.

CPC Sunday donations go toward the National Books Fund. Grants from NBF are decided by the Board at the annual meeting in the fall on non-Triennial years or the week before General Convention begins. The deadline for submitting NBF grant requests in April 15.

While NBF grants are for the educational needs of adults, CPC also makes grants for children's ministry needs. These fall under the Miles of Pennies (MOP) granting arm. There is no deadline for MOP grants. Grant requests may be submitted at any time and are decided on by the MOP Committee.

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