Episcopal Church Women

About the ECW

This ministry empowers women of the Episcopal Church to do Christ’s ministry by proclaiming the Good News of His Kingdom within the community, diocese, nation and world. We offer support, encouragement, and education by providing fellowship, communication, and resource materials during our annual meetings with the 14 Dioceses in Province V. The host Diocese or the Province V Planning Committee, offers nurturing to new believers through the seminars and worship, while being of service to the local community with collections of items and/or money that is needed for the outreach project in the host city. The keynote speakers present information on various challenges of society and encourages the attendees to pursue peace and reconciliation with involvement in their community, diocese or across the borders. An example of one of these challenges is sex trafficking.

The ECW Province V Board consists of a representative (or two) from each of the 14 Dioceses in Province V and the elected President. Also included on the Board are the Representatives of the National ECW Board, Church Periodical Club (CPC), United Thank Offering (UTO), The Order of Daughters of the King (DOK) and Health Ministries. Behind the scenes, the Board is resurrecting the Bylaws and Policies and Procedures that will be approved at the next annual meeting.

The Board meets twice a year, spring and fall, except in the year of the Triennial.

The next event is the 2014 ECW Province V Annual Meeting that will be held in Chicago, IL April 24-27, 2014 in the historicPalmer House. The theme of the meeting is “God in the City” in which attendees will explore ways that God is revealed in our urban centers and the ways that people outside of the city addresses similar issues. The keynote speakers on Friday and Saturday will each address finding God in our busy lives – the first of the “Marks of Mission:Proclaim the Good News of the Kingdom.” The women who attend this annual event represent a diverse group of Episcopal leadership – women who are key members of their parishes and dioceses, carrying on the work of the Church throughout the Midwest and beyond.

The cost of the annual meetings is paid by the attendees either with support from their Diocese ECW budget, line items in their Diocesan budgets, by their Bishop or personally from their own home budget.

This Ministry Network is preparing for the next Triennial to be held in 2015 in conjunction with General Convention in Salt Lake City, UT.

For those interested in material for ECW, CPC, UTO, DOK and Health Ministries, please contact those listed below.

ECW Province V President: Karen Birr; ksbirr@charter.net

ECW National President: The Rev. Deacon Nancy R. Crawford; president@ecwnational.org

Board Members:

Diocese of Chicago Jan McCarron; jfmccarron@comcast.net
Diocese of Eastern Michigan Barb Meikle; bmeikle@eastmich.org
Diocese of Eau Claire Debra Lorenze; nursedeb@charter.net
Diocese of Fond du Lac Linda Wallenfang; linda4God@new.rr.co
Diocese of Indianapolis Lisa Matucheski; jmatuche@sbcglobal.net
Charlene Watson; cel.watson@comcast.net
Diocese of Michigan Peggy Wilds; mawilds@yahoo.com
Darlene Williams; darwills1@aol.com
Diocese of Milwaukee Connie Ott; cott@chorus.net
Diocese of Missouri Cheryl Ward; forbeslit@sbcglobal.net
Diocese of Northern Indiana Canon Charlotte Strowhorn; charlotte1033@sbcglobal.net
Diocese of Northern Michigan The Rev. Deacon Teena Maki; makifarm@up.net
Coralie Hambleton; cvhamblet@hotmail.com
Diocese of Ohio Barbara Johansen; p.johansen@roadrunner.com
Diocese of Southern Ohio Kathy Mank; kathymank@gmail.com
Diocese of Springfield, IL The Rev. Ann Alley; adlalley@gmail.com
Diocese of Western Michigan Char Camfield; charcamco@sbcglobal.net

Church Periodical Club Karen Powers; kpowers1@new.rr.com

United Thank Offering Peg Cooper; coopermh@slu.edu

Health Ministries MaryFran Crist; mjcrist@crtelco.com

The Order of the Daughters of the King Pamela Sebura; psebura@smwc.edu

Representative to National ECW Board Connie Ott; cott@chorus.net


2018 Calendar


April 13-15

Province V

Gathering of Women

Seeds of Hope

DeKoven Retreat Center

Racine, WI


April 28

ECW Chicago

Gathering of Women

Called to Lead  

St. James Episcopal Church

West Dundee, IL


June 2

Altar Guild Conference

Church of the Holy Comforter

Kenilworth, IL


October 26-28

Women's Gathering &


DeKoven Retreat Center

Racine, WI