Peace & Justice

About the Peace and Justice Network

This network exists to: Promote work that involves work in anti-racism, outreach, empowerment, advocacy and justice issues within our Province.

Contact Person: The Rev. Cynthia Nawrocki


How often do you meet and what costs are associated with your meetings?

The Jubilee Officers meet annually. The costs have been paid by the officers or by the national Jubilee office.

What activities have been sponsored by your group in the last 2 years?

The National Diocesan Jubilee Officers’ meeting last summer.

What activities do you have planned for 2013-14?

Anti-racism programs are sadly lacking in our province. You cannot do peace and justice work without a firm foundation in anti-racism work. For this reason, we want to have dioceses identify a person to promote these activities in their diocese. We also want to make the diocesan Bishops aware of this great need and solicit their support. Once this deficit is being addressed, we can begin to look at other justice problems within our areas and the church.