United Thank Offering

United Thank Offering

The mission of the United Thank Offering is to promote thankfulness to God for his many blessings by encouraging daily prayers and by making an offering in the Blue Box. The concept that UTO is not a fund drive, but rather a discipline in our daily life in Christ. UTO is a ministry of mission wherein individual offerings of the thankfulness are combined with others from all over the world and once a year this combined offering is granted out in response to compelling human need many areas. Every cent collected in the twice annual ingatherings is granted out. Not one cent is used for operating costs; these expenses are paid from the interest income from the memorial and gift trust fund.

United Thank Offering gives an opportunity for all members of our church family, women, men, and children, to give thanks for our blessings each day.

How often do you meet and what costs are associated with your meetings?

The Province V Coordinator meets annually with the 15 Diocesan Coordinators in the province. This meeting takes place at the ECW Annual Meeting. UTO has planned Face-to-Face Training for new diocesan coordinators in 2013 and in 2014. There will also be the annual granting process in each of the three years of the Triennium. The Province Coordinator is also available to help new diocesan coordinators and to address problems as they arise.

United Thank Offering has two ingatherings each year. These are done on the local level and sent to the national lockbox in Missouri.

For more information please contact Peg Cooper, coopermh@slu.edu