Youth Ministry

This youth ministry network in Province 5 has two purposes: 1) to serve the youth of the province and 2) support the adults who work with youth. It is directed to the youth of the province (young people approximately age 12-18 or 6th -12th grade) through leadership events in The Episcopal Church. It is also directed (on the provincial level) to support the adults that work with the young people.

The network consists of one or two youth ministry coordinators or contact people from each diocese. We gather twice a year to encourage and assist one another, share resources that we each use, and to stay up to date with what is coming out of the Church Center.

We share educational materials and up-to-date practices through our list-serve and our network meetings.

How often do you meet and what costs are associated with your meetings?

We meet twice a year. The meeting expenses cover lodging and food for the network members and transportation for the coordinator. The dioceses cover transportation for the representatives they send. We grant transportation expenses for the Dioceses of Quincy and Northern Michigan since they do not have youth budgets in their dioceses.

What activities have been sponsored by your group in the last 2 years?

At General Convention 2012 in Indianapolis, Province 5 Youth Ministry Network sponsored a Youth Hospitality Suite. This provided a meeting space for youth around the Episcopal Church for refreshment, recreation and special guests, like Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori. The Network also sponsored a Pizza Party at Christ Church Cathedral for youth during General Convention.

What activities do you have planned for 2013-14?

Our network exists primarily to support, mentor and resource, so we do not put on events.

The Episcopal Youth Event will take place July 9-13, 2014 in Philadelphia. We will help each other make plans to attend with delegations from each of the dioceses represented.