Experience the Living Waters

Province V covers Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, eastern Missouri, Ohio and Wisconsin: 14 dioceses, 844 congregations, 220,000 lay persons and clergy.

Each diocese is bordered by at least one body of living water; the great American rivers, the Great Lakes, and myriad smaller bodies. The image of Living Water, baptismal waters, continues to shape our relationships and ministry.

Preparing for General Convention

Pre-Convention webinars:

March 8, 7:30 E / 6:30 C - Reconciliation recording

April 12, 7:30 E / 6:30 C - Evangelism recording

May 10, 7:30 E / 6:30 C - Structure

June 14, 7:30 E / 6:30 C - Creation

These webinars are in addition to a general orientation.  They will spend more time talking about resolutions getting presented in each of those areas.  RSVP in order to get information about the program and the recording link.


General Convention Orientation:  May 12, 10-11 am eastern / 9-10 am central

Orientation Videos - please watch these before the May 12 event.

Link for May 12 at 10 am eastern / 9 am central
Our time together is for question and answer with the General Convention office

See details here:
Preparing for General Convention


General Convention

July 5-13, 2018
Austin, TX



Province V Synod
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Election Results!

Thank you to all who put their names forward!

We are proud to announce our officers:

Ms. Gennie Callard, President
The Rt. Rev. Mark Hollingsworth, Vice-President
Ms. Courtney Reid, Treasurer
Ms. Alicia Hager, Secretary


Province V Representative
to the Executive Council of the Episcopal Church

The Rev. Matthew Cowden



Provincial Scholarships
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